**** A Beast the Color of Winter, a fascinating book about the study of Wild Mountain Goats over a period of two winters in Glacier National Park

Douglas Chadwick

**** James Herriot's Dog Stories, Warm and wonderful stories in the classic Herriot, 'English Vet' Style

James Herriot

*** Every Living Thing, the warm and wonderful sequel to "The Lord God Made them All".

James Herriot

*** James Herriot's Yorkshire, A guided tour through the beloved land of all Creatures Great & Small

James Herriot


*** Killer Bears, What causes these fierce attacks? Can they be prevented? Eyewitnesses, investigators and survivors tell their stories.

Mike Cramond

*** Bears Are Where they Find You, a fun little booklet about the behavior and vagaries of the Grizzly.

Asa Brooks

*** Mark of the Grizzly, true stories of recent bear attacks on humans, and the hard lessons learned.

Scott McMillion

*** Marley & Me, yeah, they made a movie out of it, an incorrigible dog, and an unsuspecting individual that adopts him. A light and fun read!

John Grogan

**** The Packgoat, the history, and how-to's of using a goat as a pack animal.

John Mionczynski

**** Practical Goatpacking, the primer on using the goat for packing. Written by one of the most long-term users of Packgoats.

Carolyn Eddy

**** Silence of the North, the incredible story of a woman's fight for survival in the wilderness. A wonderful read, I have done it twice now. This lady, who has seen it first hand is NOT a wolf fancier.
Olive Fredrickson

***** Merle's Door, a wonderful, beautiful read about a very unusual dog. On a trip to float the San Juan river in Utah, a dog materialized out of the brush and adopted Ted Kerasote. This is the tale of a very free-thinking dog and the beauty of his and Ted's relationship. I will certainly read it again!!
Ted Kerasota

*** The Light in High Places, a combination of a research project on the Whiskey Mtn Herd of Bighorn Sheep in Wyoming, and a biography of Joe Hutto's life. The science was profoundly interesting. The rest? Not so.
Joe Hutto

**** Dog is My CoPilot. A delightful and fun read about a group of pilots that use their airplanes to transport animals around that are being given second chances and saved from the euthanaisia of the Animal Shelter(?).
Patrick Regan.

**** Cat Attacks. A primer on both cougar attacks and what you need to do to put them off (It isn't the same as bears or wolves). This book illuminates a number of areas where we have been intentionally kept in the dark, and leaves you much wiser if you enter the woods for recreation, especially if you go alone. Jo Deurbrouck & Dean Miller

**** The Dog Who Wouldn't Be. A wonderful and thoroughly engaging read about a free-thinking dog that had his own mind, and didn't hesitate to use it. A fun read.
Farley Mowat