**** A Beast the Color of Winter, a fascinating book about the study of Wild Mountain Goats over a period of two winters in Glacier National Park

Douglas Chadwick

**** James Herriot's Dog Stories, Warm and wonderful stories in the classic Herriot, 'English Vet' Style

James Herriot

*** Every Living Thing, the warm and wonderful sequel to "The Lord God Made them All".

James Herriot

*** James Herriot's Yorkshire, A guided tour through the beloved land of all Creatures Great & Small

James Herriot


*** Killer Bears, What causes these fierce attacks? Can they be prevented? Eyewitnesses, investigators and survivors tell their stories.

Mike Cramond

*** Bears Are Where they Find You, a fun little booklet about the behavior and vagaries of the Grizzly.

Asa Brooks

*** Mark of the Grizzly, true stories of recent bear attacks on humans, and the hard lessons learned.

Scott McMillion

*** Marley & Me, yeah, they made a movie out of it, an incorrigible dog, and an unsuspecting individual that adopts him. A light and fun read!

John Grogan

**** The Packgoat, the history, and how-to's of using a goat as a pack animal.

John Mionczynski

**** Practical Goatpacking, the primer on using the goat for packing. Written by one of the most long-term users of Packgoats.

Carolyn Eddy

**** Silence of the North, the incredible story of a woman's fight for survival in the wilderness. A wonderful read, I have done it twice now. This lady, who has seen it first hand is NOT a wolf fancier.
Olive Fredrickson

***** Merle's Door, a wonderful, beautiful read about a very unusual dog. On a trip to float the San Juan river in Utah, a dog materialized out of the brush and adopted Ted Kerasote. This is the tale of a very free-thinking dog and the beauty of his and Ted's relationship. I will certainly read it again!!
Ted Kerasota

*** The Light in High Places, a combination of a research project on the Whiskey Mtn Herd of Bighorn Sheep in Wyoming, and a biography of Joe Hutto's life. The science was profoundly interesting. The rest? Not so.
Joe Hutto

**** Dog is My CoPilot. A delightful and fun read about a group of pilots that use their airplanes to transport animals around that are being given second chances and saved from the euthanaisia of the Animal Shelter(?).
Patrick Regan.