**** An Unfinished Canvas. An accounting of one of Nashvilles highest profile crimes, and of a very intelligent, very accomplished man gone very wrong.
Michael Glaasgow & Phyllis Gobbell.

**** Cries in the Desert. The story of an unbelieveable sexual predator who captured potentially invisible females and spent 3 to 4 days torturing them in the most graphic ways.
John Glatt.

*** In Cold Blood, an incredibly comprehensive story of the Clutter family who were murdered in their beds by two utter low-lifes, who gained around $50 from this robbery. Capote does a masterful job of bringing together the history of the family, the Kansas area and the killers. A worthwhile read.
Truman Capote

**** Bones in the Desert. A vulnerable senior lady falls victim to a manipulating sociopath, and ends up pushing up sagebrush in the desert. The book is the story of those who would not give up the search for her body.
Jana Bommersbach

**** Green River, Running Red. An exhaustively researched book outlining the attempt to find the Green River killer, the most prolific serial killer of all time. Not a book I would normally choose to read, but it was interesting how this milquetoast individual, Gary Ridgeway, managed to remain under the radar, while killing prostitute after prostitute all Seattle's pick-up highways. Incredible.
Ann Rule.

*** The Cases that Haunt Us. An interesting look by a high-profile profiler at some of the highest profile cases in the United States. A look-back analysis of what the original investigators should have looked at.
John Douglas.

*** Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors. Ann Rule continues to outline some of the most aggregious crimes this country has seen. In this tome, she discovers folks that you would want to stay away from... a very long way.
Ann Rule.

*** El Sicario. The autobiography of a mexican assassin. A gripping book of how cheap life is south of hte border.
Molly Molloy & Charles Bowden.

** Life for Death. Crime and murder in Washington D.C. An interesting read.
Michael Mewshaw.

*** Starvation Heights. In 1911 two wealthy British heiresses, Claire and Dora Williamson, arrived at a sanitorium in the forests of the Pacific Northwest to undergo the revolutionary “fasting treatment” of Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard. It was supposed to be a holiday for the two sisters, but within a month of arriving at what the locals called Starvation Heights, the women underwent brutal treatments and were emaciated shadows of their former selves. Claire died and Dora escaped with help of a friend from Austrailia. The 2nd half of the book chronicles how Dora persecuted 'Dr.' Hazzard into professional oblivion, using the US legal system.
Gregg Olsen.

**** The Unmasking. An almost unbeliveable tale of how a family man with children, and a pillar of his church, behind the scenes was a serial-rapist, terrorizing a Texas town. A man of two personalities, who fooled everyone, including his wife, at least for a time. Kevin Flynn