Blackjack, an Enigma, but a Hard Worker... Sometimes

On an excursion into the extreme east end of the Eagle Cap Wilderness


On a stop at a picnic ground on the way home from the Mt. Hood Rendezvous


We are still under arrest. I hate the hiline!

What's better than resting your head on your companion?

I hate crossing rivers!

Resting is good!

He looks dead, but he is only VERY tuckered... it has been a very long day!

Same scenario, different day!

A frosty morning, but HOME! Home is good!

Winter sucks!!


Hiking is BETTER than winter!!


Winter STILL sucks!!

Here we seem to have transitioned... via a very long 2-3 days in the back of the truck, to New Mexico. At least we can be WARM, and do some hiking. No SNOW here!

Time passages... as the song says. We are back in the pen, but NO SNOW!!

This is during the 2009 Rendezvous, we are looking for pinecones, which the sig. other said she wanted, but had changed her mind before we got them home. It was still fun looking for them, eh?

Here we are traveling the White Cloud mountains in Idaho, this time with Mr. David Loranger


Here we are crossing Bear Valley Creek during the only time that is possible, late August.


Here we are standing on the ridge above Iris Lakes, once a trophy fishery, now having been cleaned out by two of the biggest otters I have ever seen, just some pretty lakes.

Tanking up!

Here we are at Pocket Lake, one of the prettiest lakes I am aware of, in the middle of the Eagle Cap Wilderness

Wow. Not sure about this one, but great view, eh?

Here we are jumping across the East Fork of Eagle Creek after having crossed Horton Pass from Mirror Lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness

Under the tarp at Hidden Lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Good thing as there were big thunderstorms this night.

Once again a companion's butt is a great headrest, eh?

Tanking up... again!

The zombie thing. Gotta warm up after a cold night!


We've worked our hearts out... AGAIN! We deserve rest.

There just isn't anything better than resting on a comrade

The Seven Devils. The best part of the Seven Devils, was 'COMING OUT!'


Not sure why, but not a lot of hiking in 2013. The goats are certainly glad about that!!


For Blackjack, 2014 was a short year. After working his heart out for a lot of years, one morning I went down to the goat pen, and he was down... and gone. He was such an interesting boy. He was so compliant with me, but didn't like ladies. Why? Who knows, but given the chance, he'd treat them to a whack with his very hard head. My hiking partner knew to watch him and dance outta the way! :-)))