Cocoa Brownie, Gone and rather precipitously?

Cocoa-Brownie was one of two La Mancha goats that we acquired in 2005. No idea why he expired. Went by the pen and he was down... and dead.

At Home... and commanding the 'high ground'.

On the trail to Lynx Creek Hot Springs, I believe.

Leaving the Timpa Lake (Sawtooths) basin, going over the low ridge to Ingleborg, Spangle, Rock Island and Three Island Lakes

On the trail out of the Sawtooths

On shore of Timpa Lake

Taking the 'high road' out of the highest of the Red Mountain Lakes

Experiencing some of winter's 'delights'

Tempting fate by contemplating crossing the hot creek at Bear Valley Hot Springs

Pretty sure that these two are taking the hikers trail from Born Lakes in the White Clouds, over to four lakes basin

Hiking partner struggling with the climb... and Cocoa-Brownie wondering what the issue is?

You want to go where??

Both of these are climbing the long arduous trail up from Baker Lake over to the Chamberlain Lakes Basin in the White Clouds

Cocoa-Brownie is saying to hiking partner, "Hey, you go, then I will!"

The boys all lined up for a photo-op

Both of these are downstream from the 'Big Hole', the confluence of Bear Valley Creek and Marsh Creek, which begin the Main Salmon.

Crossing Bear Valley Creek, just upstream from Big Hole. "Hey, get those bags outta the water Brownie!"

Can we go out and play now??