Ezra, You were an Enigma to be Sure

Getting used to the new digs. Trees/bushes have already been trashed by the other goats

First winter. Ugh!


Cuddling with Freckles, his bunkmate and birthmate

Rock climbing/sparring with Jeff Ross' boys in New Mexico

Next 4 are in the Owyhees, climbing in the hills

A very late season hike on the crooked river, Idaho


These two taken on a rest/lunch break as we were passing through Colorado on our way to New Mexico. Do I have to tell you that they weren't that excited to get back into the truck?


Apparently not many hiking pictures in 2010

This one was a hike I took with George Bogdan in the hills behind the house


Not sure on this one. At least the hiking poles have assumed their proper position. It is a goat rule that hiking poles are NEVER allowed to remain where you stand them up. They must always be knocked to the ground, ostensibly while innocently grazing.

Pretty sure this one is in the Eagle Cap, near Razz Lake

The next 8 are in the Eagle Cap wilderness. This one is on the shore of Pocket Lake

I've always liked this one as it is great looking up at him

Another of my favorites, especially since Ezra's Feet are all off the ground at this point

On the last hike I did with George Bogdan... a 3000' climb up to Lynx Creek Lakes

Ezra's apparently tuckered out from that awful climb!


This one was at the top of a pass in the Seven Devils on the way from Bernard Lakes to Echo Lake, RON for that night

Ezra clowning around while were setting up camp at Baldy Lake in the Seven Devils



1st 4 are in New Mexico

This one was taken in the Bighorn Crags here in Idaho. This one was notable as the saddle had worn a raw place on Ezra's back. I had to pad it on the way out as it clearly was hurting him.


These next 5 were in Hells Canyon. The rest break is near Pine Bar I believe

This look is the 'you aren't really going to continue this foolishness, are you??'

I think he is telling Freckles to get the heck outta the way!
In the Eagle cap

In the Sawtooths, the western edge, on the way to Ardeth Lake & the 10 lakes basin.


2016-I tried hiking him without Freckles, but after a couple of high profile incidents, one in which I lost over $1000 of gear after he spooked on the trail, I made the decision to
never take him out again. That and his age prompted me to put him down at the same time as I reluctantly ended Freckles time with us. It is a very hard decision to make, to be sure.