Freckles, He left a hole that will be hard to fill. I loved this boy!

Freckles and Ezra adjusting to their new home. They were pistols right outta the box!

The early days... life was so carefree then...

Winter hasn't changed... it still sucks!

In New Mexico, with Jeff Ross' boys


In the next few, in the Owyhee Mtns., they are enjoying the last of their 'play' days


In the soldier lakes basin. The carefree days over, the packing begins



Helldiver Lake, south of Josephus Lake on the way to Soldier Lakes Basin ?

On top of the hill behind the house, 1800' above if the maps are right!


On the way, again, to the Soldier Lakes basin, and a side trip to Iris Lakes?

We are at 'Moon' lake. It actually doesn't have a name on the Topo, but George Bogdan and I named it because it is perfectly round!

Eagle Cap Wilderness. Trying to go from Razz Lake to Ice Lake. Didn't make it.

Back at Razz Lake. We are thirsty. That was a grunt!

On our way up to Glacier Lake. A long and tiring trek. 2mi

Crossing East Fork of Eagle Creek after coming across Horton Pass from Mirror Lake


This one is along Elk Creek in the northwest end of the Bear Valley, ID


This one is at my favorite hot spring in Idaho


These two are taken on an early spring hike near Glenwood, New Mexico

Obviously we have motored back to Idaho here.

Climbing up and over some ridge it appears. We do a lot of that.


These 3 were taken on an early spring trip in Hells Canyon, 26 miles down to Granite Creek and back.

These next 3 were taken on an ill-fated quite weather-packed trip into the Eagle Cap.

Next 4 are from a late season trip into the west edge of the Sawtooth Wilderness

Freckles looking down at Farley Lake on the way out on this trip

2017-Freckles never hiked again after these in 2015. We tried in 2016, but he had developed a couple of problems that couldn't be fixed.
Which is why, when one of the issues was continuing to get significantly worse, I made the difficult decision to put him down. It hurt.