Little Brother, Also Gone... & who could forget LB?
Little Brother was the 1st, and last, goat that I will ever take on that hasn't been properly raised and socialized. He was not
and was difficult to handle from day one to day last. He worked hard, carried a lot of stuff for a lot of miles, but if you were
out, and wanted something off him, and he decided that you weren't getting it, well, you weren't getting it. Learned early, don't
put your lunch or anything else you might want to access on the trail on Little Brother. The last time out was a trip to Pine Burl
hot springs. He lagged back, and lagged and lagged. I presumed that he was just being a butthead, but since this was NOT a
standard behavior, I should have known better. About a week after we returned from this hike. He lay down for the last time.
Losing him was kind of a mixed bag. He had been such an absolute pain in the a--, so many times, that it was kind of good
to know that you weren't gonna have to put up with his stuff any more. On the other hand, he was a hell of a good load carrier.

2004 -- Little Brother, adjusting to his new home. It was 1-1/2 years before you could walk up to him and put your hands on him without trapping him.

2004-Still very young, inspecting the dog's house. Dog was NOT pleased!

2005-These 4 are on a trip into the Big Horn Crags.

2005-Hiking over in Oregon near the town of Halfway

2006-On an early trip into Langer Lake. Couldn't go past here due to snow up higher

2006-On another early trip in the Sawtooths - Martin/Elizabeth Lakes

2006-Later on, went into Red Mountain Lake for the first time... and before the fire.

2006-And finally on a late-season trip up near the Trinity Mtn Rec Area

2007-Near Braxon Lake in the Sawtooths, one of the prettiest lakes in the Sawtooths.

2007-Bear Valley Hot Spring, my favorite. Pulling around his obligatory drag rope

2007-Almost back to the truck. They're happy & so am I!

Right after crossing the BVHS hot stream. Wonder if he wondered why water was hot?

2007-Jennie Lake

2007-Another trip into Red Mountain Area

2007-Mineral Creek near Alma, New Mexico. They do love to climb.

2007-These four are all in the SW end of the Sawtooths

2008-On another trip into Bear Valley Hot Spring. In the Spring of the year I reckon.

2008-The nex two were taken on a trip into Enos Lake. Which we never actually got to.

2008-A late season trip into Lynx Creek HS, and Lynx Creek Lakes

2008-Negiotiating the log jam across the outlet of Walker Lake in the White Clouds

A never-ending supply of wonderful green grass

Still in the White Clouds, not sure where on this one.

Next frame, Little Brother had retused that strange White Cloud water... until here. Then he tanked up and tanked up... I never thought he was going to get his fill.
He must have liked the smell of this water.

Winter 2008

2009-Taken on another trip into the Langer Lakes area. This time we saw them all.

2009-The next three were from another trip into the White Clouds

Relaxing on a lunch break I believe.

2009-White Clouds with hiking buddy David Loranger. A great trip.

Resting up after one of the trips in the home pen.

2010-Next three from a trip into the Mable Lakes area.

Little Brother 'getting up in the world'.

Winter 2010

2011-The next six pictures are from a 9 day jaunt into Oregon's Eagle Cap Wilderness

Here he seems to be contemplating the incredibly blue waters of Pocket Lake

And Blackjack decided that LB would make an excellent headrest!

2011-Next four frames are from his last trip into the White Clouds.

Particularly interesting, this one was taken at Lonesome Lake, 10435' in the White Clouds, and he has just climbed an impossibly steep drainage to get there. Which underscores why we use goats and not horses. And that with a full pack to boot.

At this point he's probably saying, "why in the he-- would anyone want to come here?"