Shadow, Gone but Not Forgotten

2004 -- Shadow & Sassy-Brown are adjusting to their new home. It wouldn't be long before Shadow's left hind leg was broken, and the repair
was botched so badly, that his packing career was finished way before it ever got started.

Seen here in the Big Horn Crags. Shadow didn't get to do much hiking, but he went on a couple before he was finished for good.

Note the crazy angle of the left hind leg. That is the crazy repair that was done after he broke his leg early on.

On the trail, coming home from the Big Horn Crags.

2005 -- Apparently the hike into the Big Horn Crags was Shadow's only venture this year.

2006 -- Winter... not fun for anyone, but a real drag when you are stuck outside all winter. Later, at Marten Lake in the Sawtooths, I'm walking
down a log on the edge of the lake, Sassy-Brown followed me down the log, but Shadow elected to take the water route.

Last three pictures were taken on our first-ever trip to New Mexico. I think that was the only NM jaunt that Shadow got to go on.

Hey, you! Get offa my cloud!!

I believe this is Shadow's last venture, and that was into the Baron Lakes area of the Sawtooths.

2007 -- Shadow's last trip was into the Baron Lakes drainage. As we were leaving to return home, he stopped and wouldn't carry the pack
anymore. I suspect that his hip hurt because of the crazy angle of that rear leg. In any case, I didn't take Shadow out anymore. He
was relegated to the job of weedeater, barn potato.

2008 -- Pictures from this point on, are obviously all in the pen, as he was never taken into the mountains again. Here he is enduring one
of our seemingly never-ending winters.

Yeeeech! I hate winter!!

Mary is doing a photo-op with the goats. Picture later appears in Goat Tracks magazine.

Pen bound goat!

Here I seem to be wrassling him around, probably prepatory to cutting his toenails.

2009 -- Shadow is a home-bound goat.

2010 -- Shadow is suffering through just one more winter. Here he is doing what I refer to as the 'zombie' thing. After a long cold night
they stand as still as statues absorbing the sun's warmth. I'm guessing that their core temperature has dropped during the night. As
you can see, he just wouldn't keep on his special coat that I got him!

2011 -- Another morning, and another attempt to warm up.

2012 -- His last winter. Here he is snuggling up to the new boy, Coffee Bean. We had already determined that we were
going to put him down rather than have him go through another winter, but in September, he lay down and died on his own.
A blessing in disguise. Still painful to lose an ond friend.