It all began here in Great Falls, Montana. Flying a Cessna 150 similar to this one, in which I received my Private Certificate in 1976. The common statement about the C-150 is that it was so small inside that you would have to go outside to change your mind.

Beechcraft Muskeeter. After receiving my Private Licence in 1976, I borrowed this airplane and flew from Great Falls, to Seattle, to Van Nuys, CA, and back to Great Falls. I always did seem to have more courage than brains.

The Air Forcetransferred me from Great Falls to Torrejon AFB, Spain. While there all I had access to was a C-172, but that didn't slow me down too much. I took our Aero Club airplane, a C-172, and flew all over the country of Spain, including out to the islands of Majorca, and Menorca.

At this point, having returned to the US in 1979, I began my training for my Commercial Certificate, my Instrument Rating and my Multi-Engine Rating. Therefore, during this period I flew quite a number of different airplanes. A Piper Cherokee similar to this one was only one of many.

A Piper Archer

Piper Arrow, a real whiz-bang of an airplane. Turbocharged, retractable gear, 156 knots cruise speed... a beautiful cross-country airplane.

A Piper Seneca. This little gem is what I got my multi-engine rating in. Fun to fly.

Cessna 182, 5148D, at Allison Ranch on the Salmon River, Approx 2003. By now I had retired from the Air Force, and had joined a local (Boise, ID) Areo Club. This wonderful airplane was my unquestioning favorite. I flew hundreds and hundreds of hours in this gem all over the Pacific Northwest. I loved this wonderful friend and was so very sad when I couldn't fly it any more. :-(

Cessna 206 at Garden Valley Airstrip -- Approx 2003. Another club-owned aircraft. This one got you there, but was NOT my favorite. But all airplanes are good.

A Grumman AA-5B. I only managed a few hours in this one, but one of my many 'flying stories' occurred while flying around the Boise-Payette area in this one.