The Goat House

The Beginning of the fence. "T" poles will go inbetween the 4x4s that are concrete-mounted. The "T" poles were murder to pound in since this soil is only a little softer than concrete. And with rocks the size of small horses.

It probably is clear, but the shed is being added on to the detached garage (where the hay is stored... and little else. Certainly not any cars!).

And, yes, the roof 2x4s are that long on purpose. I wanted an overhang. I originally planned to run the fence to the side of the new building, but realized at some point that if I didn't run the fence down to the door, the goats would be jumping onto the roof as the ground at the closest 4x4 is quite a bit higher than at the floor level, and well within jumping distance for an energetic goat!

Inside view!
As you can see, it is a work in progress. I am in a panic to get it completed before the snow flies!

The more or less finished product. Or should I still call it a work in progress? And, yes, I know the roof tilts down on one end. I'm still trying to figure that out. If you put a level on the important beams, it measures level. But something's obviously not. One problem is not being able to get lumber that is worth a hoot now. It is all warped to some degree. We gotta start growing straighter trees!!