Well, this was certainly an interesting one. After hiking the entire 8-8.5 miles and setting up camp at Birdbill Lake, the weather turned sour and the wind blew like mad all night. And the tent went, 'Flappa, flappa,, flappa..' not much sleep for anyone. Since is was so late in the year, and it looked so bad the next morning, with clouds at treetop level, we decided to beat feet outta there. Naturally, halfway back to the trailhead the sun came out, the clouds went away, and it was beautiful for another two weeks. Mother nature is a......

Crags Campground-Already enjoying some of winter's 'wonder'

Golden Trout Lake... from 'on high'.

Rest Break!

Birdbil Lake

The signs of what was to come!

Harbor & Wilson Lakes

Brother Mark.

Growing around the rock is not the best way to insure surviveability!