The Goat Trail to the Hot Spring

The primary trail to this location crosses Bear Valley Creek on a bridge, goes down the creek for about a mile or so on the north side, crosses the creek, then proceeds down the south side for the next 2 to 2.5 miles. Usually at this time of year, the creek is far to wild to attempt a crossing, so the only other option is the hikers trail down the south side of the creek. To say that this hiker's trail is a hazard is a grave understatement. You do not dare attempt this unless you are in good shape, have good balance and have good shoes. There are many places where it drops off 20-40 feet directly down to the river. A misstep could be very hard on one's plans for continued survivability. Couple that with the blowdowns which cover many parts of the trail for a mile or more and this is a difficult trek with a full pack to say the least. And, lastly, the pictures DO NOT begin to capture the real tight, ugly and difficult parts of this trail.

Oh, sure, it looks easy enough here. Just keep hiking...
Goes right across the edge of that cliff... and that's before it gets really bad!

What a nice place for a blowdown

Blackjack says, "You call that a trail. Just see if I come with you again!"

I'm sure that the trail goes through here somewhere.

'Bout time for some cleanup work here, dontcha think?

The trail's visible... provided you can see under the blowdowns!

I know it was here the last time I came...

The trail goes right through that thicket of stuff back there... I think.

This'll be a blast with a full pack!