2007 NAPgA Rendezvous
Dolores, Colorado

Every year the goatpackers in the western half of the US get together at a different location, bring their goats, hike and just have fun. This year the site was in the Colorado mountains outside of Dolores and at an altitude of 10,500 feet. Rain for company, but we built some trail for the FS, and just had a bloody good time. Since I was not able to bring my goats, there are a few pictures of animals belonging to others.

Camping out of the truck on this one.
Tarps so that one can cook in dry clothes!

One of the many seminars. This one concerned GeoCaching.

More seminars.

Relaxin at the Rendy!

Perry Burkhart's Animals.

Jeff Ross' boys. Plus a spotted small one that belonged to John.
Gorgeous George, the unflappable goat.
"Look, I know ya got somethin good up there! Hand it over!"