The return from the New Mexico sojurn. The day before we left it was 74 degrees. Beautiful. The day we returned to Boise
was some of the worst driving conditions this area has experienced. One has to question the sanity of one who would
leave 74 degrees and return to this! Clearing the drive and porch like to did in the owner of this particular
property. Let it be known that the goats were not particularly thrilled either!

What 14" of Snow on the Driveway looks like at Midnight!
The next morning. Doesn't look much better now!

From the bottom. A good hike if you do it enough times.

Won't it be fun clearing this all off?

I know there's a car in there... somewhere.

Yeah, I know it's winter, but there just must be a critter out theresomewhere that needs to be dealt with!

Looking out the front door. Where the tarp that is supposed to keep the porch clean has collapsed from the weight of the snow.
The handicapped ramp. Doesn't look too much good from here.
Carport is still frozen! This is why I left in the first place!
Looking down the drive... again. This just has to look good from some angle, doesn't it?