Winter 2007/2008 at Mores Creek Ranches
As of Jan 30, 2008

This is supposed to be mounted on the goat fence. As soon as I can get down there, I will!

The sidewalk disappeared some time ago.

Hard to believe that I just had this all cleaned off a week ago!

Looking NE, as it gets deeper and deeper

Note that the end of the deck that you're looking at is 5 ft off the ground. The good news is the weight of the snow causes it to slide slowly downhill, which makes more room to stick snow.

And the goats are saying, "What the ???"

Speaking of 'Piling higher and deeper'

Cleverly concealed in all of that is a driveway.

As the snow gets deeper, the end of the driveway moves further west!

I tried to keep this cleared off in the beginning. As you can see, I lost control of that situation some time back.

And this picture doesn't really do this area justice. This is the route to the woodshed, and the walls are now over 5 ft tall.

Some of our local feathered friends getting up close and personal with the deck.