Winter 2007/2008 at Mores Creek Ranches
As of Jan 3, 2008

Sunrise in the Subdivision

Sunrise in the Subdivision

Looking Northeast

Looking West-Bogus Basin Ski Area on Horizon in Center

Looking South

And the Goats are saying, "To heck with this! We want to go to New Mexico!

The Deck, almost cleared. This was the result of one Snowstorm!

The front walkway. Same snowstorm!
Looking East-Tarp Covers side of woodshed built this Fall
Looking Northeast

Other end of woodshed

Looking East-Northeast

The walkway from the side

Path dug around front of house

Local residents breakfasting on the local foilage

Oops. Busted! Now he's suspicious of my motives!

Busted again. He's up close and personal with the deck. However, he is busted too, cause he's obviosly a last-year's HE, and he is still running with the ladies. Shame, shame. He will probably get run off this Spring... if not before!

Now he's concerned about the dog. As well he should be!

And here we have a dumb goat (Shadow) that hasn't quite figured out that he is supposed to be under shelter during the snowstorm!

Hey! Is that me you're calling? What? Get out of the snow? And leave all these good branches for the others? Are you kidding?