Bear Valley Hot Spring -- 2008

This year's Spring trip returned to the wonderful event this trip usually is. A large slice of paradise, and all to myself for 2-1/2 days!

One interesting note; this year was the very first time that I had the main pool be anything other than toasty in the morning. Always before,
a span of 13 years or so, the temperature has been quite constant, or seemed so, anyway. However this time, in the mornings, it
was at or near body temperature which does not provide for a stellar soak. I ended up fashioning a one-person pool about 20 feet up from
the main pool. However as I was getting that project pretty well under way, I noticed blasts of cold water coming from my right. Seems
that there was a cold water source coming in right where I was building my pool. So I ended up building a berm out of small rocks
in order to send the cold water packing. After that it worked out well. Every afternoon the mail pool returned to a good soaking
temperature and all was well.

The Area

The Hot Water Source

My Hiking Partners

The Soaking Pools

Bear Valley Creek