Ten Mile/Loftus Hot Springs -- December 2-4, 2008
This was a late-season just-before-the-snow-flies adventure! I never been to Ten Mile before so it was a journey of exploration as well.
Unfortunately Ten Mile HS turned out to be a bit of a ho-hum. Silt Ruled! I did my best to clean it up, but was marginally successful.
The soaks, however, were good as the water temperature was wonderful.
Loftus was heavenly as always. However, and this is a BIG however, before we left, my hiking partner and I deceded to do a little clean-up.
After we got to 4 bags of junk plus some unmentionable stuff, I said, "That's it! We've done enough!" But there was a lot more to do and if you
ventured too far from the firepits you were in grave danger of getting 'doo' all over your shoes. And NOT dog doo! Sure takes the luster
off an otherwise beautiful experience.
Finally, on the way out, the day was beyond spectacular, sky crystal blue, and the water in the middle fork has an aquamarine tint
that is just breathtaking. Great time. Probably will be several months before another.

The star attraction. This pool is a work of art, and exactly the right temperature

The secondary & downstream pool. It probably was a good soak at one time, but has now fallen on hard times, disrepair, and is full of sand

From above

Not sure what the point of this little collector was, maybe to channel the water into one stream. In any case, a plant has decided that it was an ideal environment!

The source

Further above.

From the west side of the pool

Some interesting rock formations nearby

I have quite a few pictures I took of the middle fork as we traveled down it on the way out. It was such a pretty day I couldn't resist!

Another HS we came across right on the Elmore/Boise county boundary

The garbage collection!