Winter 2008/2009 at Mores Creek Rim Ranches
Christmas Eve/Day 2008
Last night, the blizzard started sometime during our Christmas Eve service at a local church. It continues this morning. So far it looks like
around 20 inches or so of snow has fallen. Will be good for the reservoirs in the Spring!

The Goat House yesterday afternoon (Dec 24)

The Goat House this morning (Dec 25) Note the narrowing of the opening between the ground snow, and the glacier coming off the roof

This is the vehicle that we drove home last night, arriving at 11 PM. As you can see, it is where it is going to stay until we can get our driveway cleared

This truck had no snow yesterday. And the sidewalk was cleared.

This ramp was clean as well. I seem to have my work cut out for me

When we got home at 11PM, there was no snow in front of Smoky's house. It is obvious that he didn't spend the night here?

There was some snow on top of his house, but nothing like this morning!