All Saints Church late-season Men's Cast & Blast
And they did!

Pictures are from my hike to the top of an unnamed mountain SE of Cayuse Creek

Looking downriver at river level

We're going to go WHERE??

I sure don't know how to pick my families

Didn't see any 'fauna' but the 'flora' was good!

Now I get it! There is NO top to this thing!

Looking downriver from 'on high'


Cow Creek Bridge & CG

Down where the war was. Well, at least it sounded like there was one!

Back at camp, and looking upriver towards Anderson Ranch Dam

On the way home. Looking downriver

Danskin Bridge & the Grand Canyon of the South Fork. At least that's what I call it.

Danskin Bridge from higher up. Heading towards Smith Prairie

Trinity Mountains in the distance. Already sporting a good covering of snow