Oregon Trip/Carson Goatstock, September 6-15, 2009
First to Bend-La Pine Oregon area where we had camped before. A night at Crane Prairie Lake, then one at La Pine St. Park On to Smith Rock
and since they still don't have camping there, went to Cove Palisades St. Park on Lake Billy Chinook. Next day to Carson, WA for the goat event.
That lasted until Monday the 14th. Started from home planning on getting home Wednesday the 16th. Camped at Shelton Wayside County Park.
Moved on the next day planning on travelling to Unity Lake State Park, outside of Unity, OR. But it was not to be. Around 20 miles outside of
Dayville, OR, the trailer broke it's leg (wheel) and it had to be towed to Dayville for healing... where it still is. Without the resources to
camp with, the only option was to head for home, where we arrived at 11:30 that night. Having to spend so much time driving at night
illuminated extremely clearly just how bad the cataract in my right eye has become. It is obviously going to need attention... soon!

Crane Prairie Lake

Smith Rock

Mary & Friend Cathy

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