Hike Up the Hill Behind the House, w/George B., May 14, 2010
Stupendously beautiful day, and about 1800 feet altitude gain, whew!

Climbing, climbing, climbing

All that I survey is mine!

Almost to the top, and a rest break

The view from the top, as they say

At this point, Ezra is questioning whether he should have gotten mixed up with this dizzy group anyway!

The day? Stupendous!

Starting back down, and a whole new variety of vegetation to sample!

Let's see, can I do this or not?

Well, if you won't, I WILL!

George took the low road...

And the rocky road...

And the steep road...

Together again!...

Get going!!!! You can't still be hungry!

And its a long way to Tipperary, and a long way back to the house as well!