Lake 8375 to Lake 8901
Sounds so benign and matter of fact, doesn't it. Well, it wasn't, in part because it was all 'off-trail'. After Lake 8259 it was descending to around 8000, circumventing
Flattop Mountain, and another prominent ridge, across a number of large boulder falls, and then a climb back to over 9000 feet, to lake 8901. This was a pristine,
seldom-visited lake and a great camp! A walk around the lake and up above the lake was definitely called for!

Lake 8259

Beautiful morning, the fish were surfacing, and life was good...

However... circumventing this lake to the northeast was a challenge

Finally at the northeast end, the view is spectacular

The dropoff in places was extreme!

Looking south

Past the lake, just one more pothole lake before the real trials begin...

Lake 8259 on to Lake 8695

My gosh! Do we really gotta climb up there? Yep. And further up still!

It just doesn't let up. No matter what this looks like, it is NOT the top!

Pretty lake... but no fish.

Lake 8695 to Lake 8615
Had to look down on this one. Since it was considerably lower, decided to see it from a distance.

Lake 8615 to Lake 8901

And the final push to the top

Lake 8901. And there's Cocoa-Brownie the ham again, stealing the show!

Top of the world. More than peaceful. Too bad we can't stay forever.