Partners... and load carriers

Freckles... aka 'the buckle chewer'

Ezra... 'I may be small outside, but I'm a legend in my own mind'

Blackjack... the real 'big guy'

Here we go loop de loop!

'This again! I'm tired'
We came all the way up here for this? Where's the veggies?

'I think there's some better stuff over there!'

'I'm still tired'

'Can I go home now?'

'Take time to stop and eat the flowers!'

'Well, hurry up! We don't have all day, ya know!'

'We gotta go where??'

Blackjack wonders how he ever got mixed up with such a goofy group!

'Oh, come on! It isn't that hard ya know! (Too bad she doesn't have another couple of legs!)'

'That's it! He can carry his own stuff from now on!'

'What to eat, what to eat? It all looks so good'

'As soon as I can get home, I'm over the fence!'

'How embarassing. Freckles had to carry out a pillow that some horseperson discarded in the wilderness. So now he's relegated to a garbage carrier!'

'This is the best tree I've ever tasted!'