Wilderness Ranch Fire!
Big news here as we had a front row seat being directly across the valley from WRanch.

This is hard to spot, but the Twin (on the extreme left side) is leading the bomber (on the extreme right side) into the slurry drop, which in this case will be on the left side of the fire

Nearly impossible to spot unless you were watching, but the twin is now on the left side fire line, and the bomber is lining up for the drop

Lining up for the final to the drop zone

And away it goes!

Here comes the bomber for the lower end of the fire drop!

Away goes drop #2

Again, the twin is leading the bomber in for the last drop of 2, the right side of the fire

His drop is a little shy of the mark, so there will be another.

Here comes the twin...

The twin banks hard right, after telling the bomber where to dump

And this time, he gets it closer to the mark

And after the drop, the bomber banks hard right over the house. Vrooooooom!!!!!!

Local Media Pictures

Watching and waiting...