Bernard Lake
Bernard Lake is tucked away in a small cirque above Porter Creek trail, and Crane Meadows. It is a bit of a grunt to
get to, especially if you choose, as I did, to shorcut the trail and go after it cross-country. It is a burn area, and brutal to navigate.

A Sandhill Crane in the meadow before the real hiking started. I had no idea that they summered down this far, and in this part of the state!
You'll see a number of pictures of rocks. Rocks?? Yes, I was fascinated by the coloration of the rocks on this trip.

Bernard the evening I arrived.

In the morning it demonstrated its crystal clear beauty.

Probably one of the most fascinating feature of this lake is that in the morning, with no wind at all, the driftwood was crusing all over the lake as if under its own power. Huh? I figured that this lake must have some underlying currents to drive this phenomena.

Much of this trail, as most everywhere I went during this period, was in burn areas.

Out of this entire multi-acre meadow, one lonely little stream wandered through, ergo the bridge to nowhere!