Collie Lake
In reality, we didn't make it there the first night. After hiking out of Bernard, cross-country & over and around about
a zillion trees, the four more miles into Collie were too much and I elected to cut it off at Lola Lake #1. About 900'
below the ridgeline which was around 9000'. Turns out the Lola Lakes are pretty much of a 'zero', shallow, and not
a sign of fish... but pretty! Next morning, hiked up and around the ridge by the small lake south of Collie, then down to
near the lake. By the time I got to within picture-taking distance, I was abosolutely out of time and had to head
up and out. BTW: getting down off the ridge was unprintably difficult. A steep avalanche chute, goats about
reluctantly following, and dislodging boulders all the way. Bad enought to have to navigate this tractionless
chute, but having to dodge granite mortars all the way down added immesureably to the adventure!

Finally reaching the pass above Lola Lakes
The north end of the Bear Valley. Bruce Meadows airstrip is in the foreground
As you can see, I haven't lost my affinity for the flora

Or the fauna. This one watched with rapt attention until we dropped off the pass for the lake

Lola Lake #1, sterile but beautiful.

All four miles into here had been: 1) Up, 2) in the sun & 3) completely dry. The guys all hit the water upon our arrival.
Soooo pretty, eh? Or at least it was until the mosquitoes descended in a horde. I think these were 'africanized' mosquitoes. I finally gave up and put my tent up on a bluff above the lake. It was better there, marginally, but better.

A morning shot.

Here as everywhere, the hills, & valleys were alive with flowers of all types.

And a tree finds new life as a planter!
A fallen giant!

It was pretty much this all the way to Colllie. Not your ideal hiking.

Soooo red! And so pretty!
You want to go down there?? We'll wait here!

Lola Lake #2. It was obvious from 'on high' that it was as shallow as #1.

Center picture is the avalanche chute we used to get into this drainage. Brutal!
Collie Lake. Not only pretty, but has good fishing as well.

Now for the bad news. We gotta climb up over that to get outta here!

The pictures definitely do not convey the steepness. I had given up on the hiking poles, and was pulling myself up hand over hand on the rocks. The goats on the other hand easily conveyed the point, "So what's the big deal anyway?"
Dang I'm glad to be outta there!

Lola Lake #1 from ridgetop.
Bear Valley again.

The White Clouds from afar.
The Sawtooths from afar as well.