The Hike to Iris Lake!

The hike to Iris Lake was difficult, but rewarding. Iris Lake is a Gem.

As I have said, I am a sucker for a floral display... and there were many!

A snow cornice is one thing, but 5-6' of snow at the end of July?

And the snow cornice stretches on out of sight!

Just after I took this picture, we scared up a bull elk and his harem. About 13-14 individuals, some yearlings, and lots of ladies. A successful boy to be sure!

Brother! We gotta go down there???

Not much to eat, but you find what you can!
The hiking partner struggles over the many downed trees. On the way out, the afternoon wind toppled one right behind us. Kind of sets your nerves on edge!

Iris Lake at its best... from on high.

Starting down. The second of the three lakes visible here.
The goats thread their way down.

The hiking partner questioning the wisdom of her leader/companion.

Iris Lake from lake level.

One of the many fish we observed in Iris Lake... a beauty.

Threading our way around Iris Lake.
Iris Lake from the bottom end!

The Iris Lake outlet stumbles into a rockfall on its way to the lower lakes.
The second of the lakes below Iris Lake.

Lake level view of the second lake.
Folks talk about 'car sized' rocks. In this case, they were bigger than 'car sized'. I'll just bet it was noisy when they fell!!

A picturesque little waterfall flows out of the second lake.

The third lake. It looks very pretty, but shallower than the other two, and no sign of a fishery.

Home sweet home... from above. At least that describes the bigger of the two lakes!

The snow cornice from above. I sincerely doubt that this one will completely go out before the snow flies again!