The Iris Lake Venture, Hiking In!

This is a pretty standard hike in that from the Josephus Lake TH, the trail goes past Helldiver Lake at the 2mile point, up and over the ridge
across a large talus slope and into the Soldier Lakes Basin.

One of the first views past Josephus Lake. One third of the cirque that contains Lost Lake, probably the most striking of the lakes in this area!

I never could resist a pretty lady... or flower!

On the way in, this was all too common. The extreme winter had left a lot of downfall behind (In this, a burn area)! However, on the way out, we ran into a couple of obviously very capable FS ladies, that had all but erased the multiplinious downed trees!

Erza leads the pack!

Helldiver Lake. Pretty, but too close to the TH. Gets lots & lots of visits!

The flowers were in full bloom... color everywhere!

Considering what it looks like, this was a pretty good trail. Beyond? Soldier Lakes.

The guys, trudging across the slide!
Still trudging!

1st Lieutenant Lake. The first of the many Soldier Lakes.

It may be the first, but it is incredibly beautiful.

Colonel Lake. Small, but a great backdrop...
The campsite lake, and jump-off location for Iris Lake!

The Inlet for the Campsite lake!

Small waterfall in the Inlet stream?