The Tour of the Knapp Lakes Area!
Sadly, incomplete to be sure since we did not have a full topo. The one we had just didn't show a lot of what was available. Will have to go back into the bucket for another grab.

This was as varied a country as you could possibly imagine! The first 5-6 miles was as dry as a Sahara desert. The next few was water, water everywhere!
Go figure. This dry stretch took us by surprise as it is unusual in this part of the country to go so long without water.

One of the first things you saw on this one is a snow cornice! There was still a lot of snow around from our plentiful winter. On the other hand, Ezra is thinking, "If they think I am going to hike on that road all the way over there..."

Blackjack, my most personable, and laziest goat, contemplating what he could have been doing in another family that would have been waaaaaay easier, and more relaxing, than this!

One of the early views!

The Flora & Fauna were Striking!

This is essentially the way upper end of the White Cloud Mountains, and carries with it the White Cloud's penchant for multi-colored rocks/dirt. Striking!

The flowers were many, and varied.

I just couldn't get over how this one was dark red on one side, and barely tan on the other!
Hindman Lake, the CG for the first (& third) nights. The 'rounds' by the lake were the abandoned 'chairs' of previous fisherman.

Camp counselor for this trip. He was way more inquisitive than I would have expected, but then that could have been because of the goats who he obviously just figure out?

This snow cornice was fascinating! From a distance it looked like stair steps.

Hindman Lake was sooo peaceful at sunset... that is if you could ignore the hordes of mosquitoes. They were oppressive! Retreating to the tent became mandatory.

Freckles wondering, what is this stuff on my back? He had been carrying nothing... then Little Brother went lame, and he had to fill in. I guess that this comes under the old saying, "Get used to disappointment!"
Blackjack is still thinking, "What did I do to deserve this!!!

No point. I just liked it. Beautiful flowers, crystal-clear water, green stuff...

Horseshoe Lake. Name is obvious, eh?

The bodyless horseman of Horseshoe Lake
Horseshoe Lake had a photogenic quality. It was the prettiest lake of this trip.

Leaving Horseshoe Lake was this little lake above. It was striking in its beauty...

Trudge, trudge, trudge, will this 'up' never end???
On the way back, we stopped for lunch at the biggest of the Knapp Lakes. It was striking as well.

It was fascinating to me (as you can see, I am easily fascinated), that everywhere you turned was a spring coming out of the rocks, the side of the hill, the shore of the lake...

The Sawtooths from a distance on the way back.

The hills are alive, with the sound of music.... and the appearance of wildflowers!

The White Clouds from quite a distance!

The Sawtooths as we are almost back down in the valley (from 8900').

A closer view.