Lynx Creek Lakes!

This hike, that I did before on a 'dayhike', is one of the most difficult and demanding hikes I have done. This time
I did it with George Bogdan, who has several years of age past my 70. He worked himself like mad, but made it all
the way. Weather was spectacular, more like summer than the Fall that it is. A great season-ending hike!

Just at the crossing point of the Boise River's Middle Fork.

This river, as well as the Payette, has the most intriguing aquamarine color!

Traversing some of the rougher terrain.

Now you know that simple things intrigue me. Can you imagine the amount of 'ant work' necessary to create this much sawdust?

This hike begins at the Atlanta Powerplant CG, at 5434'. It ends up at 8426'. That's 3000' of altitude folks. Don't try this at home.

One of the locals. Politely inviting us to get the heck out of Dodge!

George B. Working like mad!

Here's what the last stretch to the lake looks like. If this doesn't intimidate you, nothing will!

Goats working like mad as well!

Looking down from about halfway up.

One lonely tree amoung nothing but rocky crags!

As I noted, the weather couldn't have been better!

The early-season frosts have already started changing the vegetation.

The destination. The middle lake, 8426'

The middle & northern lakes!

I never cease to be intrigued by the clarity of the water!

The north end of the middle lake.

North end again, wider perspective.

This was taken from above the lake, and I was intrigued once again by the ability to see everything all the way to the bottom of the lake, even in fairly deep water.

Fascinated by this rock. Looks spray painted. Graffiti at 8400'? Hardly. God is so incredibly creative!

More or less all of the middle lake.

This fungi was at least 8" around!

An 'occasional' pond, but not at this point of the year...

The north lake, such as it is. It is actually lower than the middle lake, very shallow, no fishery, and lots of driftwood.

Back to the middle lake on my 'walkabout'.

Decided to include a walk around the lake on my 'walkabout'.

The point of this one? The water clarity again. I love it!

Cocoa-Brownie takes a well-deserved rest. He wasn't as enthusiastic about the 'walkabout' as I was... but came along anyway.

The next day, & the 'RTB', return to base in Air Force parlance.

Experimenting the next sunrise's alpenglow with the 'Sunset' capabilities of my camera.

The southern, & lower lake from above. We went down to it on our way out.

The southern lake as we approached it.

Another local resident, politely, but firmly, encouraging us to enjoy our trip... somewhere else!

Southern lake at the outlet, and where we departed this area.

What is that numbskull goat eating?? Does the term, 'Canadian Thistle' ring any bells? He must have a mouth of steel!

I love flowers as subjects. You almost cannot ruin a flower picture.

Near the bottom of the giant rockslide... thankfully.

Ezra is thankful too!