South End of Owyhees -- November 10, 2011

At George Bogdan's urging, we took advantage of another late-season weather window and headed for the south end of the Owyhee
Mountains. Our original destination was Duncan Creek/Zeno Falls. In spite of the fact that we had killer directions, due to a
navigational error, mine, we ended up at a point well down Duncan Creek from where we had intended to go! Regardless
it was a good day, and good hike, and Zeno Falls will have to wait for another day!

Upon arrival at Buncel Place, what we see is: Sagebrush & granite!

George is struggling along... actually, we both were!

And the goats, as usual, are wondering what they did to deserve this!!

Snow traces on the left, bushes on the right, beauty everywhere!

Duncan Creek wanders through all of this!

Cocoa-Brownie, Ugh!!!!!!!!

The granite gets granite'er

I love the desert!!!

Cocoa-Brownie says, "There are a few things to like out here!"

OK. I know there is a place to cross where I won't get my feet wet!!!

I love the granite formations in the slot canyons!

Duncan Creek

More granite!

Just about at the end of our explorations of this slot canyon!

The birds around here build a different kind of nest!

About the point where we turned around and went back the other way!

What is not so obvious here, is that this is the lair for the very secretive 'Red Band' trout, found only here in the Owyhees, and they never get real big... but they love it here!

Just about back to the starting point, and tired of all the dodging of sage, etc.

What the weather was looking like for the next few days. The blue is SNOW!!