The NAPgA 2011 Rendezvous -- Goats & Hiking at its Best!
Held in an area near Weippe, ID, called Musselshell Meadows

Such a beautiful and green country. It is obvious that these folks get waaaay more rain than we do down south!

One of the first things we ran into on our FS work project, was mama & baby moose!

Matt Reeves youngest off after my guy, 'Little Brother'. As you can see, he was having none of it. Reeve's boy came back, and so, eventually did LB!

Both of these pictures feature Susan Metcalf, + 3 goats, +...

Susan + the goats, plus? Kent Daniels in the lead with the stripes!

Next day. Little Brother says, "This again??"

Rachel Suomela in the lead, Jan & Perry Privratsky, +.

Same crew, different place!

As you can see, I got fascinated with the 100yo stumps. And their state of decomposition.

Little Brother just couldn't keep out of the action!

The crew straggles...

It is obvious that there has been a fire through here since this tree was logged!

The birds have been taking advantage of this 'old timer'.

Almost gone...

The crew gets to the 'turn around point'.

Overwhelmed by foilage

The turn-around, and the parting notifications