Bull Creek Hot Springs, via Ground Hog & Goat Hot Springs.
This time hiked the 2.2 miles back to Pine Burl HS, RON'ed, then covered the remaining 9+ miles to
Bull Creek HS the next day. Arrived late, late afternoon, discovered that Bull Creek HS was not worth
coming to, for any of a number of reasons. Looked around for a spot to RON, there weren't any, and ended up in a
kinda flat spot on the side of the mountain, you know, one of those where you spend most of the night pulling yourself back up to
the top of the sleeping pad, cause you've slid down while sleeping. Next day, back to Pine Burl, RON, then out. No other hike I have ever
been on has required you to spend so much time in the bloody water. The goats got so used to it, that I could not make it across the river
ahead of them! This is not the norm, to be sure!

How High?