The Catwalk! Glenwood, New Mexico
The Catwalk is a re-creation of a platform/trail that miners built in the early days of Glenwood. It follows their route, albiet on a much more
stable platform, about 1.2 miles up this slot canyon. It is a fun hike and scenic to boot!

The entrance.

Ms. Larry, hamming it up!

Ms. Larry with Harry White, a friend from Glenwood, that still in his 80's is a sturdy hiker, and in his younger days, would take off and go right over the top of the Gila.
Harry also plays the flute in the local church.

Harry is either:
Holding the rocks apart,
Blocking the way,
Having a panic attack,

You decide! ;-)

I loved this one. The water is coming right out from inbetween the rocks.