Cottonwood Creek... a largely dry drainage
but then, who knows. In NM, water can pop up at the most unexpected places!

And a tree almost growing out of solid rock

At one point, the creek surfaces into the creekbed, runs for about 20-30 feet, then poof! It's gone!

This little guy must have 27' roots. He didn't have a lot of other flowers for company!

Cocoa-Brownie wonders, "Did we come here on purpose?? Or are we lost?"

Hard to see, but there is a mini-waterfall at the end of this slot canyon.

Coffee Bean wonders, 'Just what was the point of all this, anyway??

And at the bottom of the waterfall, a small pool. Interestingly, all of this water disappears about 10 feet down the creekbed!

The pied piper... with his flock