Mineral Creek. The Gem of Glenwood/Alma, NM!

Cocoa-Brownie tries to figure how he can do this without wading. He hates getting his feet wet!!

Jeff's Pinto

Cocoa-Brownie still trying to figure an alternate route, and Apache in back says, "GET GOING!"

Coffee Bean is a riot. He is 100% entertainment, and 100% goat!

Coffee Bean and Jeff's boys... Pinto, Apache & Moose

I love it when I can catch them in the act of jumping!

Jessie... keeping things moving.

One must look hard and long in New Mexico to find Moss. It is much more common in Western Washington!

Blackjack surveys his kingdom.

At this location, Mineral Creek seems to have cut through solid rock!

Pinto was contemplating jumping across to be with us. Something to do with the fact that we were eating lunch. He was encouraged to 'forget it' by his audience!

I loved this one. Caught one of the pollinators at work!

Another Agave doing it's infrequent thing. Incidentally, after this display of color, it is over, kaput. It dies and hopefully the flower will procreate more Agaves.