Mogollon again! This time with Jeff's 'B-team' hikers

So many smells... so little time!

The B-Team Hikers, Jeff, Lia, and two others. The A-Team specializes in ultra-challenging stuff. The B-Team is content with normal hiking!

Blackjack must have picked up a thorn between the hooves!

Rest break!

Great minds think alike, eh?

As I mentioned elsewhere, 2012 is the year of the Agave. Everywhere we went they were going crazy!

A Cholla Cactus

Cocoa-Brownie reluctantly comes to the decision that this might just be too prickly even for him!

The true ghost town of Mogollon. At one time home to over 3000 folks.

Jessie. B-Team's mascot!

The gold gone, the miners gone, the owner gone... just the tailings remain (read: the ugly!)

An Agave, or Century cactus. Seems to be a good year for the ever-so-infrequent Agave bloom.