The other morning, Max got unduly interested in what was happening down by the goat pen. So I just had to look. And lo to my wondering eyes did
appear, not a sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer, but Senor 'Daddy' Elk, horns in full growth, a 4 point at least, and in beautiful velvet. He caused quite a stir
in my goat pen amoungst the 'boys', who couldn't quite figure out what in the world?...

We get precious few bull elk through here, females in droves, but this is the first I have seen of the male variety with one exception, and that was a
single point hanger-on yearling who was only days from getting the 'boot' from he mommy's friends, and told to do it on his own... somewhere else!!

Coming up the draw, this was my first glimpse of the 'Big Boy'

Hmmm... this is pretty good stuff!

Cocoa-Brownie begins to take an interest... safely behind the 'big fence'.

And senor elk is wondering, "What in the world are these pipsqueak elk anyway??"

Cocoa-Browine continues to press the issue... who the hell are you??

Now Freckles joins the picture. "Give us the password or vamose!"

Harrrrumph! I've had quite enough of these minature elk... I'm finding a real lady!

One last look...

These have got to be the funniest looking elk I've ever seen. Bad genes I guess!

Oh brother, now Blackjack has joined the fray!

I'll just try and ignore them!

Wow! This is a tasty looking bush. I'll just have a few bites!

Of course, these stupid 'minature elk' and not willing to leave it alone. "Tell us who you are? Now!"

Brother! The price of grazing in these stupid subdivisions is high!

At this point, he is in 'Fight or Flight'. I have just appeared close enough to him on the deck that he is thinking that 'I just need to get away from these smelly humans.'

Oh come on, is this the most regal face you've seen this year, or what??

The mottled appearance on his skin is because the sun is finally coming through the trees.

Say Goodbye! I finally encouraged him to 'move on' and leave my bloody trees alone!!