Seven Devils, Day 2
From Lily Pad Lake, explore the Basin Lake Drainage; Basin, Shelf, Gem, Rock Island & Appendix Lakes. Also, over the ridge to see Sheep Lake. Then back to
a horse camp near Lily Pad for the night.

Lily Pad lake. Hmmm... didn't have to tell you that, did I.

A used-to-be lake. Pretty, nonetheless.

Basin Lake, early AM

Rock formations were spectacular. A rugged area this... to be sure.

And on up the drainage...

Sheep Lake from about 200-300 feet above.

Gentian flower. There were many of these in the more damp locales.

Sheep Lake deserved a second shot. Reputed to be good fishing as well.

Despite the futility of it all, this tree seems determined to hold onto it's rocks!

Appendix Lake. Do we gotta explain why?

Rock Island Lake

Gem Lake. Sky getting considerably crabby. Only managed to generate a few drops on us, however. Due to the heat, they felt pretty good!

As noted before, flowers, all variety were everywhere.

Shelf Lake.

Liked what this tree had become before it succumed to the rigors of the enviroment.