Seven Devils, Day 3
From Lily Pad Lake horse camp, travel down to Bernard Lakes, then up and over Dry Diggins Ridge, then on down to the Echo Lake drainage.

The lowest end of the Bernard chain.

The next Bernard Lake as you are traveling NW

More Gentian flowers

The main Bernard Lake

Different perspective.

Yeah, I know. I kinda got carried away with the Lily Pad pictures!

The uppermost Bernard lake. Has pretty much lost the war with the Lily Pads!

Dry Diggins lookout in the distance... through the burned-out stubs. From the lookout you can see the Snake River and much of Hells Canyon.

Hiking partner and I had never seen this one before. Looked pretty. Smelled putrid!

Trail from Bernard goes up through a few trees, then to the treeless ridgeline

The top of the ridge looking ENE.

Dry Diggins Lookout.. Hells Canyon beyond.

After crossing the ridge and beginning down, things got fairly lush for a while.

Echo Lake... finally. Although it wasn't that far back up from the trail to the lake, it seemed like forever...

As the sun was moving down towards sunset, the smoke became so thick that the sun completely disappeared. Amazing!
And so the sun returns... momentarily.