Wyoming's Red Desert Pictures!
As seen by: Amy MacLeod

In the area of our overnight camp. Just which slot canyon would be the best anyway?? (There wasn't a 'best'. They were ALL windy!)

Somewhere on Saturday afternoon. Any & Gregg generally remained at the tail end of the 'herd', so her pictures are sometimes from that perspective.

Charlie Jennings contemplating the topography. It was worth contemplating!

It just doesn't get any prettier than this!

John 'M' explaining the topography!

As if you could explain this!!!! ;-)

John 'M' checking the 'mid-hike' fit of the harness.

Amy at her ebullient best!!

Must be time for a break!

Hmmm... I know I left it in here somewhere??

One of Amy & Greg's goats... obviously contemplating better and less strenuous times!!

Keep looking... the right slot canyon has to be just around the next bend!

The last rest break on Saturday. Charlie grabs a 'Zzzz' or two!

Saturday's lunch break.

At the campsite. And a way for the goats to obtain some altitude!

Remind me to never go with these nuts again!!!!!!
I believe this was prepatory to toasting the garlic bread. A fire outside of this little slot was out of the question. Winds were cooking, but the only way we could do any cooking was inside Charlie's teepee.

Transiting the ridge on the way out... and trying not to be blown into the next county!

Lunch break on Sunday. We were fortunate to find a small sheltered spot!

And yes, he IS crushing into the side of the tent, and lying on one of the occupants. Needless to say, sleep on this evening was basically 'sleepus interruptus'.

Any on Sunday. Note the bundled up condition? The wind was sucking the heat out of us and sending it to Bosnia

Uh, huh... now here is one SPOILED goat!!