Wyoming's Red Desert Pictures!
As seen by: John Mionczynski

Yours' truly. John knew I wasn't gonna have many pictures (since I left my camera in the car!), so he took some for me!

No sure whether this is schmoozing for the camera, or just happenstance, however it is Amy MacLeod taking a picture with Charlie Jennings

Gregg Shedd. Partner with Amy, herding the boys.

These pictures were from our way out on Sunday. What isn't immediately obvious is the extreme winds we were experiencing. It was just short of a hurricane!

Charlie takes a picture of his boys.

Amy and Gregg, probably taking one of the many panoramic shots she filmed during this trip.

Yours' truly leading the pack down the clay hill out of the Honeycombs. Ummm... right behind John 'M', by the way!

Time for a break!! Why do these humans want to do this stuff anyway. I'm sure there are better 'meadows' on the moon!!