Bernard Lake!
A little later than the first trip. No more snow, and the discovery of a much better way to approach this lake!
Downloadable Power Point Slide Show of this Hike!

Blackjack all ‘suited’ up & ready to go! However, what his is saying with this look is: “This again!?!?” Yep!

Hiking partner struggles up the long climb. At the top she suggested that it was a bit ‘too much’. At least for her!

Nearing the top of this particular ridge. Although it looked like a ‘thunder-bumper’ day. Turned out not, as there was too much wind to allow the clouds/thermals to linger over the source of their power, and it kept blowing them into the next county!

Looking back at much of the upper end of the Bear Valley.

Ezra wonders just what in the he– we are doing up here!? On the other hand, it is pretty good eatin.

Color everywhere!

A wider perspective of Crane Meadows, & a large area of burn destruction.

Colorful rock, lots of flowers, and the edge of Crane Meadows.

One of the locals, working on the summer 'bizness'!

Bernard Lake, the west side. Funny how it looks so much steeper when you’re actually standing there.

Primo camping!

Starting up the cirque on the way out.

Freckles in a moment of contemplation... "Tell me again why we came all this way??"

A steep climb... and Cocoa-Browie is wondering why we have to leave such lush surrounds!

Another one of the locals. At this point he is politely suggesting that we get the he-- out of Dodge!!

Just gotta admit. I was totally fascinated by this one. He was very small, and his coloration was so much different that any others I have seen.

At this point, he decided that he had had enough of the photo op, and blasted off for lonelier territory.

A last long look, a sigh at having to leave, and we disappeared over the horizon.