Pre-Bernard Lake Campsite!
About as beautiful a camping location as you are likely to see.
Downloadable Power Point Slide Show of this Hike!

Camped overnight in one of the Bear Valley's most primo campspots

Always been a sucker for flower pictures... there's good, and then there's better!

Lookin back at the campsite. Can barely see the truck!

Maxie's still searching for 'critters'

As is obvious from this picture, the Bear Valley & environs is largely burned. Wouldn't take much to erase the trees altogether.

Elk Creek. A small creek, pretty much like many others in Idaho, but this one still has salmon runs. Incomprehensible that a salmon would come this far just to keep the species going.

Looking towards Elk Creek from the campsite.

The SPOT Broadcasting from the top of the Signpost