Iris Lake!
One of the most inaccessible lakes in the Idaho backcountry.
Downloadable Power Point Slide Show of this Hike!

Meadows, rocks & flowers

Looking back towards our RON lake and a couple other Soldier Lakes in the distance.

Iris from the 'entry' ridge

Closer to the lake level

Looking down the north end of the lake

The lake from our campsite, looking back towards the 'entry' ridge

The fish aren't biting, but the otters are! Fun at the feeding frenzy. Lasted 'bout 45 min

Nothing satisfies after a good meal than a warm dust/dirt bath!

From this you can see that the Halsted fire burned right up to the foundation of the Ruffneck Lookout!
Blackjack wants to know if we can go home now! He's tired, he says...