From Moon to Soldier Lake!
A little early for this one, but this year's lower snowpack made it possible.
Downloadable Power Point Slide Show of this Hike!

Early morning color of a very colorful lake

Looking down towards where the lake's camping used to exist

This area was apparently in a particularly intense part of the fire.

The fire ring inadvertently became a part of the fire itself

What an incredible disappointment this was to see it so destroyed

On the trail up the side of this ridge to Mount Mills

One of many small ridges to cross on the off-trail portion of this trek

An unnamed, but very pretty lake, teeming, it seemed, with growing trout!

Ezra is hoping like mad that this is the end of today's journey. It wasn't!

Small islands of growth in the lake, generally sprouting from long-dead trees

Looking west to the ridge that separates this area from Soldier Lakes basin

The first Soldier Lake you happen to on the way into this basin

The unnamed Soldier Lake that will be our home for this night