On the Way to Moon Lake!
And, on the way to the ultimate disappointment!
Downloadable Power Point Slide Show of this Hike!

Cocoa-Brownie Struggles up the Hill

As does Blackjack, and hiking partner!

Plod, plod...

Just one more of the ubiquitous dry-land floral displays

Langer lake as we pass by on the way to Ruffneck divide

Climbing, climbing...

Across the divide and the first realization that this area, is not, and will not, ever be what it has been, at least in my lifetime.

Even Freckles is taken aback

Starting down to the lake.

It would seem that nature hasn't completely given up on this area
Arriving at the lake, we began to look for a place to set up camp that was: 1) not burned to a crisp; and 2) not a place where we would have to spend the night listening for a tree falling onto the tent. As a result, we completely circuited the lake, and found nothing.

Eventually we ended up on the side of the cirque, in a small flat spot, marginally suitable for two tents.

No camping for the foreseeable future here.