The Catwalk, Hiking Trail... Glenwood, NM!
The catwalk, still advertised out on the road as complete, is very far from that in reality. In the past, it went 2.1 miles up Whitewater Canyon
with views and scenery galore. However, with the floods of 2013 threatening, they pulled some of the catwalk out of the canyon.
The parts they didn't get to, are trashed beyond imagining. To get a view of what it looked like before the floods, click Here... The Catwalk.

Where it begins

The history

The parts of the river that didn't lose all its vegetation provide this year's green.

Whitewater Creek... a real pussycat right now, but it can become a pride of roaring lions when angered.

I imagine they thought this part was high enough to avoid the deluge. It wasn't.

The part of the Catwalk that is well above the river. Maxie coming back to check us out.

Shooting through the fence that they put up to keep us from hurting our little selves. Note the trashed section of the Catwalk to the right of the picture. The power of water is incredible. How come they don't put up any fences at the trailheads to the washed out creeks. They're dangerous too! Big time!

A closer look at a trashed section of the walkway.

Whitewater Creek. Note how completely this drainage is washed out.
Note here the creek ran up through was was a pretty extensive picnic ground.

Maxie says, "Hey! What's wrong with this? It makes really good drinking!

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