Harve Gulch!
Not sure what the name means, could not get any guidance from Google, but it is one of the larger drainages that lead down to the San Francisco river.

Fascinating. Before the 2013 floods, you could walk right down and into the culvert (and under the fence, of course.)

Between this and the last picture, are about .5 mile. But the 2013 floods flattened the river to the extent that pictures are superflouous... unless you like looking at flat, rocky drainages!

This is the point where the Harve Gulch drainage becomes a 'choke-point' of rocks, and a challenge to man and goat!

Continuing on...

Ezra is wondering when this will ever end. Hey! Wait a minute! He's a goat! He's supposed to like this stuff!!

Here the 'choke-point' is easing up, and we are a short distance from the San Francisco river

Now I find this beyond fascinating. Somehow, in the middle of the conflagration that was this river at flood, this solitary rock found a way to deposit itself on top of this bigger rock. Easily said... but I'm imagining the gush of flowing water, how does this much lighter rock stop here... you tell me!

After the 'choke-point', this is the drainage, as I said, flattened by the fast flowing gallons.
Once again, here we have the flora, scratching out an existence whereever and however!

And here we have another, what could be called an 'eccentric', deposited by the floods.

The end of Harve Gulch in the San Francisco river drainage. The fascinating part? The end of this drainage was 10-12 feet above the SF river level.

Down the SF river drain. With Maxie leading the way as usual. With the exception of an occasional foray off the drainage to chase an uncautious jackrabbit!

So interesting what lots of water can do to the terrain... especially if it is erodable.

The magnificent cliffs... or should I say, THE CLIFFS OF INSANITY!!

The cliffs inspection team... sure hope none of the cliff comes a tumblin down!

The cliffs of insanity... just on the other side of the river.

Fascinating again. The flood deposited this large log up on this somewhat tippy trees!

Now these DEFINITELY are the cliffs of insanity!

Now wait a minute! At least that is what the goats are saying... we are in the middle of a flood plain, and here is a meadow! What's with this!
Well, it was at this point that the 'flood plain' turned into a 'flood forest'. The reason? I think that the flood plain became wide enough that the water didn't have enough power to knock down these trees. Other suggestions?

The notable part of this picture, is this tree, acting as a strainer, stopped all this detritus from going any further. The point? Look how high the top of this strainer is!! And what you can't tell from the picture, is that the 'strainer' is 6-8 feet above the river flow bottom. Yikes!

Maxie... it's a tiring job inspecting all of these smells... but somebody's gotta do it!

Another great undercut

Hey! The last time I was here, this was a large pool that the goats had to wade across!

Almost impossible to make out, but my goat Mocha is way up in that steep cliff. And it is waaaay steeper than it looks in the picture!

Still up there. This is a goat with waaaay too much huevos, and not enough sense.

Tenaciously hanging on...

Here too...

Talk about a rock in the middle of a fast flowing stream... well there was one here once. On the top of this rock is an indicator that the water was up near the top of this particular piece of granite.

Mocha. He just hasn't discovered this rock promontory yet!

Now he has!

Now the others have!

Now they all are wanting to play, 'King of the Hill'.
theyCoffee Bean at least has this one to himself!

Fascinating... why this sandstone ledge could resist the waterflow? Who knows.

Maxie says, "OK, we can go home now! I've smelled all there is to smell!
A brief departure... A group of vultures waiting for something to die!

Turning around, heading for home.

The line on the cliffs opposite, makes it look like water is still flowing... it is NOT.

Back to the rocks... what fun!

Ahhh, the choke-point. Everyone made it past this except... Coffee Bean. After an excess of bawling, I/we,went down the drainage until we could find a way up high around this stuff. Coffee-Bean is in deep DOO-DOO!!!

Flora, I love flora. The rest is: flora

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